A wedding couple is kissing each other at the Garden of the Gods, one of the wedding venues Colorado Springs offers.

Eloping is becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot in a way that is both intimate and adventurous. And where better to elope than Colorado, with its breathtaking landscapes, diverse venues, and countless opportunities for outdoor adventure? This guide will explore everything you need to know about elopement packages in Colorado, including what they typically include, some of the best spots to elope, and how to make your special day unforgettable.

Why Choose Colorado for Your Elopement?

Colorado offers a unique blend of natural beauty and adventure that is hard to find elsewhere. Colorado has it all, whether you envision saying your vows against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, in a secluded forest, or by a serene lake. Here are some compelling reasons to consider eloping in Colorado:

  1. Stunning Scenery: Colorado’s diverse landscapes, from snow-capped peaks and lush forests to tranquil lakes and vibrant meadows, provide a perfect backdrop for your special day.
  2. Adventure Opportunities: Colorado is ideal if you and your indoor activities partner love you. You can incorporate hiking, skiing, or even hot air ballooning into your elopement experience.
  3. All Seasons Appeal: Whether you prefer a winter wonderland or a sunny summer day, Colorado’s varied climate means you can plan an elopement any time of year.
  4. Accessibility: Denver and Colorado Springs have primary airports, so getting to your elopement destination is relatively easy, no matter where you’re coming from.

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What to Expect from Colorado Elopement Packages

When searching for the perfect elopement package in Colorado, you’ll find various options to suit different needs and budgets. Here’s what you can typically expect from these packages:

1. Photography and Videography

Capturing your elopement moments is crucial, and most packages include professional photography and videography services. Look for packages that offer a mix of candid and posed shots to ensure every special moment is documented.

2. Officiant Services

A licensed officiant is often included in elopement packages to legally bind your marriage. Some packages also offer the option to personalize your ceremony with custom vows and rituals.

3. Venue and Permits

Many elopement packages cover the cost of venue rental and necessary permits, especially for outdoor locations within national parks or private properties.

4. Florals and Decorations

Beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres, and simple decorations are usually part of the deal. Some packages offer customized floral arrangements to match your preferences and theme.

5. Hair and Makeup

Bridal hair and makeup services ensure you look your best on your big day. These are often available on-site, making the preparation process stress-free.

6. Accommodations and Meals

All-inclusive elopement packages in Colorado often provide couples with accommodations ranging from cozy cabins to luxurious hotels. Some also include meals or a romantic dinner.

7. Adventure Activities

Some packages offer activities like hiking tours, horseback riding, or helicopter rides for those looking to add a touch of adventure to their elopement.

A bride and groom stand facing each other in a snowy mountainous landscape with a calm reflective lake in the background. A perfect example for elopement packages in Colorado.

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Top Colorado Elopement Spots

With so many beautiful locations, finding the perfect spot to elope in Colorado can be overwhelming. Here are some of the top Colorado elopement spots that offer stunning backdrops and unforgettable experiences:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular elopement choice, offering majestic mountain views, alpine lakes, and lush forests. Specific locations within the park, such as Bear Lake, Sprague Lake, and Moraine Park, provide breathtaking scenery for your ceremony.

2. Garden of the Gods

In Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is known for its dramatic red rock formations and panoramic views of Pikes Peak. This unique setting is perfect for couples seeking a striking, memorable elopement backdrop.

3. Maroon Bells

Near Aspen, the Maroon Bells are two of the most photographed mountains in North America. The reflective lakes and surrounding wilderness create a serene and picturesque environment for your elopement.

4. Great Sand Dunes National Park

For a genuinely unique elopement experience, consider Great Sand Dunes National Park. The towering dunes, set against the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, offer an otherworldly landscape for your vows.

5. Telluride

Telluride combines charming historic buildings with stunning mountain scenery. Whether you choose a mountaintop ceremony accessed by a gondola or a quaint spot in town, Telluride offers a blend of rustic and refined.

6. Breckenridge

Breckenridge is a popular ski resort and a fantastic place for summer elopement. The town’s historic charm and the surrounding mountains provide a versatile setting for any elopement style.

7. Estes Park

Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, offers various beautiful spots for an elopement, including lakeside venues, mountain overlooks, and quaint lodges.


Choosing the Right Elopement Package

Selecting the perfect elopement package involves considering your budget, preferences, and the level of support you need. Here are some tips to help you choose the right package:

1. Determine Your Budget

Elopement packages can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on what’s included. Decide on a budget early to narrow down your options and avoid overspending.

2. Identify Your Priorities

Think about what aspects of your elopement are most important to you. Whether it’s stunning photography, a particular location, or unique activities, knowing your priorities will help you choose a package that meets your needs.

3. Research Providers

Look for providers who specialize in Colorado elopements and have positive reviews from other couples. Check their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision.

4. Ask About Customization

Some packages offer flexibility to add or remove services based on your preferences. Don’t hesitate to ask about customization options to tailor the package to your desires.

5. Consider the Season

Colorado’s weather can vary greatly with the seasons, so consider the time of year you want to elope. Winter elopements can be magical but may require additional planning for cold weather and snow.

6. Plan for Permits and Legalities

Ensure the package includes assistance with necessary permits, especially for public lands and national parks. Also, check the legal requirements for marriage in Colorado to ensure everything is in order.

A wedding couple and their parents are standing at Pikes Peak.

Image by Skylar Rain


Making the Most of Your Colorado Elopement

An elopement is more than just the ceremony; it’s an experience. Here are some tips to ensure your Colorado elopement is everything you’ve dreamed of:

1. Embrace the Adventure

One of the best things about eloping in Colorado is the opportunity for adventure. Incorporate activities like hiking, skiing, or horseback riding into your plans to make your day unique and memorable.

2. Plan for the Weather

Colorado’s weather can be unpredictable, especially in the mountains. Be prepared for sudden changes and have a backup plan in inclement weather.

3. Capture Every Moment

Investing in professional photography and videography is essential. These services ensure you have beautiful memories to look back on and share with friends and family.

4. Personalize Your Ceremony

Incorporate personal elements to make your elopement ceremony truly yours. Write your own vows, include meaningful rituals, or choose a location that is special to you both.

5. Celebrate Afterwards

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Plan a special meal, whether a romantic dinner for two or a small gathering with close friends and family.

6. Relax and Enjoy

Elopements are meant to be stress-free. Trust your vendors, follow the flow, and focus on what matters most – your love for each other.

Ultimate Guide to Elopement Packages in Colorado: Your Dream Adventure Awaits

Image by Silk & Thorn


FAQs About Colorado Elopement Packages

What is the best time of year to elope in Colorado?

While Colorado is beautiful year-round, the best time to elope depends on your preferences. Summer and fall are popular for their mild weather and stunning colors, while winter offers a magical snowy backdrop. Spring can be beautiful, too, but be prepared for unpredictable weather.

How do I obtain a marriage license in Colorado?

Obtaining a marriage license in Colorado is straightforward. Both parties must present valid identification at a county clerk’s office. The license is valid immediately and does not require a waiting period.

Can we have guests at our elopement?

Absolutely! While elopements are typically more intimate, many couples choose to include a few close friends and family members. Just be sure to check with your venue regarding any guest limits.

Do we need a permit to elope in a national park?

Yes, most national parks in Colorado require a special use permit for elopements. Your elopement package provider can often assist with obtaining the necessary permits.

Are elopement packages customizable?

Many elopement packages offer customization options. You can often add or remove services, upgrade accommodations, or include specific activities to tailor the package to your needs.


Conclusion: Colorado Elopement Packages

Eloping in Colorado is an excellent choice for couples looking for a unique, intimate, and adventurous way to say “I do.” With various elopement packages, you can find one that perfectly suits your style, budget, and preferences. From the stunning Rocky Mountains to the awe-inspiring Great Sand Dunes, Colorado offers an array of breathtaking locations to make your special day unforgettable. By choosing the right package and embracing the adventure, your Colorado elopement will be a beautiful, stress-free celebration of your love.

Whether you’re drawn to an all-inclusive elopement package in Colorado or prefer to customize every detail, this guide provides the essential information to help you plan the elopement of your dreams. So, prepare to embark on an incredible journey and create lasting memories in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Happy planning!

Article written by Wedding Photographer Björn Schreiber


A wedding couple is standing on top of a mountain and holding hands in front of a sunset.

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